Digital Crosshairs Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on


Digital Crosshairs adaptive rifle scope clip-on serves as a transformative tool for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to engage in hunting and shooting activities with increased independence and enjoyment.

Discover the first-of-its-kind Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on! Designed to increase accessibility for visually impaired and mobility disabled individuals in hunting and shooting sports. Ever thought visually impaired individuals or those with mobility challenges could enjoy shooting sports? Introducing our adaptive rifle scope clip-on, enabling people with disabilities to discover their full potential. Tired of depending on sighted assistance for recreational shooting or feeling excluded from the hunting community? Well your in the right place. Digital Crosshairs Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on, a pioneering innovative solutions in hunting and outdoor activities has helped thousands of low vision and mobility limited people get back to their passion for hunting and shooting sports.

Assisted blind hunting and shooting sports participants use Digital Crosshairs 1000SA with a spotter that views the targeting screen and verbally or by using some type of signals, direct the blind shooter on how where to aim.

 Low vision hunting and shooting sports participants may have a variety of eye conditions that prevent them from being able to target looking through a scope or with iron sights.  Digital Crosshairs 1000SA enables them to target with a display screen that can be mounted in various positions to best enable them to see it and aim the gun.  If they can focus on a cell phone, they can target.

Paraplegic, quadriplegic and other mobility handicapped hunters can mount the targeting display on the gun, gun rest, or any variety of positions for easier viewing and more independent targeting.

Digital Crosshairs 1000SA adaptive rifle scope clip-on

Perfect for assisted blind hunters, visually impaired, and mobility handicapped hunters. Attaches to any standard scope adding a real time game like targeting display. This modular system allows the display to be rail mounted to the gun or attached anywhere needed using the included 12 foot extension.

  • Imagine being able to aim and hit the target on your own, experiencing the adrenaline of hunting and shooting sports with fewer hurdles – That’s what our adaptive rifle scope clip-on promises you!
  • Visualize taking control of your aiming, enjoying the thrill of hunting independently and confidently. Our one-of-a-kind adaptive rifle scope clip-on aims to empower you with more independence and accuracy in your shooting sessions.
  • Experience both enhanced accuracy and a confident hunting experience, fostering a sense of belonging again in the shooting community that you miss.
  • It’s time to get back your passion, and break stereo type barriers, and get back to the sports you love.
Digital Crosshairs at the range
Rifle Scope clip-on for Vision and Mobility Handicapped

Our rail mounted targeting display enables visually challenged marksmen to more easily and independently target. The screen shows exactly what would be seen if looking through the scope. Designed to help sportsmen and sportswomen with vision loss due to macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and other vision disorders.

We empower visually impaired and mobility-challenged individuals by enabling independent and enjoyable hunting and shooting sports experiences through our Digital Crosshairs Adaptive rifle scope clip-on.

Henry Johns – Digital FOV, LLC