About Us

Digital FOV, LLC was founded in 2012.  We developed an adaptive rifle scope clip-on that is used to enable assisted blind, low vision, and mobility handicapped sportsmen and sports women to more independently enjoy hunting and shooting sports.

Digital FOV founder Henry Johns after a successful hog hunt
Digital FOV founder Henry Johns after a successful hog hunt

Today Digital Crosshairs 1000SA adaptive rifle scope product lines have exceeded expectations.  As a rifle scope clip-on, it enables assisted blind, low vision, and mobility disabled people to continue to enjoy their passion for hunting and shooting sports. Our corporate principles focus on the importance of inclusivity of the disabled in hunting and shooting sports. Our goal is to provide high performance, and the benefits of and adaptive tool that maximizes independence for our clients in the enjoyment of their passion for hunting and shooting sports.

As an adaptive product, Digital Crosshairs 1000SA opens up recreational opportunities in hunting and shooting sports for mobility handicapped and visually challenged sports men and women by moving the targeting of the gun to an easy to view targeting display.

Digital Crosshairs Adaptive has been evaluated, approved and is being issue to visually handicapped Veterans by the Veterans Administration Blind Rehabilitation Center for recreational therapy programs. It has also been given to disabled people that want to participate in hunting and shooting sports by grant programs.

  • Our adaptive rifle scope clip-on underwent extensive user testing with input from individuals with varying degrees of visual and mobility impairment
  • Collaboration with accessibility experts and outdoor enthusiasts helped in refining our product design.
  • We designed this adaptive clip-on to be easily attachable to most standard rifle scopes with no re-sighting required and no complex menus, making it versatile and easy to use.
  • We welcome user feedback for future iterations and improvements.


“I want to express my sincere thanks to Digital FOV for creating such a device ( adaptivehunters.com ) that helped my son have such a successful hunt that allowed him to shoot a deer on his own. Yes, with assistance because of his deteriorating physical condition but Ian was elated with the work that he had done. Without your technology and product Ian would not have been the one who could fire his weapon on a deer. ” Jonathan Hannah Romaine

 As seen used on Buckmasters Life Hunts

250 yard shot taken with Digital Crosshairs 1000A adaptive rifle scope clip-on

The optics work beautifully. We took a lot of film using them on our Texas Life Hunts. Off to Sedgefield for the Buckmasters David Sullivan Life Hunts Jan. 9-11 and we will use them there as well. Can not thank you enough for your kindness.

Larry F. Hart
Buckmasters American Deer Foundation
BADF National Director, BADF Disabled Hunters