Digital Crosshairs adaptive rifle scope clip-on with optional 7 inch display.

Digital Crosshairs Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on

For Assisted Blind, Low Vision And Mobility Limited Sports Men and Women Who Want To More Independently Enjoy Hunting And Shooting Sports

Assisted blind hunters and shooting sports participants use Digital Crosshairs 1000SA with a spotter that views the targeting screen and verbally or by using some type of signals, direct the blind shooter on how where to aim.

Low vision sports men and women can use the Digital Crosshairs adaptive system targeting independently by viewing theirs scope’s crosshairs on a rail mounted 4.3 inch targeting display.

An optional 7 inch display is available for easier viewing. An optional goose neck display mount enables the shooter to position the display closer to their face, and to the left or right side of the rifle for those who have clouded direct vision, and clearer peripheral vision.

Digital Crosshairs 1000SA Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on kit ->    $700

This rifle scope clip-on has SONY video image sensor IXM technology. This SONY HD camera board sensor has extremely sharp target image definition and extreme low light capabilities for dusk, dawn, and other low visibility daylight conditions

         Kit Includes:

  • DC1000SA clip-on
  • 4.3 inch display w/mount
  • DC 1000 battery pack w/charger
  • Picatinny rail adapter
  • Daylight filter
  • 12 foot display extension

         Options to consider:      

  • 7-inch Display –> $90
  • 10-inch Display –> $150
  • Goose neck display mount -> $105
  • DC-20 IR Illuminator for night vision hunting –> $110


Note: Digital Crosshairs 1000SA is our newest model adaptive rifle scope clip-on just released in January 2023. It has a higher resolution and better light gathering capabilities than the DC1000. The Digital Crosshairs 1000 kit can be substituted for the recommended DC1000SA and will work fine however our newest model DC1000SA is our premier product release for 2023.           

Digital Crosshairs Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on with 7″ Display on Scope

See Digital Crosshairs Adaptive In Action!

Digital Crosshairs Adaptive rifle scope clip-on used at Buckmaster Life Hunts
Totally blind assisted marksman took 5th place in Utah 2023 NRA 1000 yard match against sighted competitors using Digital Crosshairs Adaptive.
Adaptive hunter using Digital Crosshairs 1000SA on deer hunt
Assisted bind hunter using Digital Crosshairs adaptive rifle scope clip-on to harvest first deer since he lost his sight 13 years ago.