Adaptive Technology Equipment Grants

The organizations below will give qualified disabled applicants grants to purchase or help to purchase Digital Crosshairs Adaptive Rifle scope clip-on to support recreational hunting and shooting sports.

Challenged Athletes Foundation Adaptive Equipment Grant Program

Any individual with a permanent physical disability pursuing an active lifestyle through physical fitness or competitive athletics is eligible. The individual’s permanent disability must impair mobility, affect the neuromuscular system, impair balance, or motor control.

CAF uses the International Paralympic Committee’s classification structure as a guideline and all qualifying individuals must provide supporting documentation from a medical professional to explain how their physical disability affects their activities of daily living.

Utah Council Of the Blind -Adaptive Technology Grant Program

To receive a grant for adaptive technology from the Utah council of the blind first you must become a member and you can do so on the Utah Council the Blind website at How the grant works is every member can receive a adaptive technology grant up to $1000 every five years. The requirements are that it is adaptive technology for the blind and you must pay 25% of the initial cost of the technology. After the person becomes a member and paste the $10 annual fee there is a link on the Utah Council of the Blind website for the form to fill out and apply for the grant. It is an actually really easy process and usually could get improved within a few weeks.