DC1000SA adaptive rifle scope clip-on FOR ASSISTED BIND, LOW VISION AND MOBILITY DISABLED HUNTERS. our customers tell the story!

Bought camera awhile back. Finally got everything mounted and put together. Thank y’all so much for making this product.  Andrew W. 4/12/2024

Vernon T. did this very cool setup with Digital Crosshairs 1000SA for his limited mobility grandson. 7/2023

Hi Henry! 

Brad purchased the adaptive scope and used it with his sighted friend last week at a disabled deer hunt at Crane Meadows National Wildlife preserve in Minnesota. 

Brad has been an avid hunter all his life. After losing his central vision to a genetic disorder called LHON, he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to hunt again. Thanks to Digital Crosshairs … he can! We are forever grateful!


Amy H. and Brad B. 10/17/2023

Colby is on a sponsored hunt by Rackin’ Up Dreams Outdoors, Inc, using Digital Crosshairs adaptive rifle scope clip-on

I want to express my sincere thanks to Digital FOV for creating such a device that helped my son have such a successful hunt that allowed him to shoot a deer on his own. Yes, with assistance because of his deteriorating physical condition but Ian was elated with the work that he had done. Without your technology and product Ian would not have been the one who could fire his weapon on a deer.

Ian’s Hunt of a Lifetime

Jonathan & Hannah R 3/19/2023

I am a totally blind gentleman who used this product back in November. I was very skeptical at first. My first thoughts were how will this ever work. But after using the digital crosshairs 1000to harvest my first deer after being blind for 14 years I had to let everyone know how this product changed my life. It brought back so much of my independence because I was the only one touching the rifle while someone verbally guided me. This experience was worth every penny. It was also easy to use.

Charles S., Retired & Disabled US Marine

I purchased digital crosshairs for my dad who is quadriplegic and loves to deer hunt. Because of his condition he can’t shoulder a rifle. He has tried other devises and digital crosshairs has by far out performed everything he has tried. He had trouble with seeing through the scope in low light until we purchased digital crosshairs. Also the customer service is second to none. Thank you for making adaptive devises so my dad can still enjoy what he loves.

Landon C.

Love my digital nite vision. have had it about 5yrs, works perfect,Henry is awesome. My battery charger lite quit working, Henry replaced it free. I just paid shipping, easy to work with, he’s like a good neighbor. Ray texas

Terri S.